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Facility Manager

Christine Weaver joined NTP Events in January 2016. Initially starting as part-time contracted receptionist then stepping into the full-time role as Facility Manager in May. During 2018-2019 office renovations became point of contact for all office and/or building-related issues working closely with contractors to ensure proper staff needs were uninterrupted during entire show season. This role includes purchasing office supplies, maintaining the inventory of supply stock, manage shipping, receiving and distribution of packages, mail, and other deliveries. Representation for NTP at quarterly condo board meetings working with property manager and all inspectors within the City of Alexandria to assurance compliance. Supporting all teams within NTP and CSG for all administrative support on an on-needed basis including research for database list building.

Christine comes to NTP with over 20 years’ experience working in the team building arena of administrative support. She has worked for USDA, The Washington Post, The Kennedy Center, Sun Microsystems, and managed a local garden center.

Christine holds a NOVA English Associates degree, and is a Certified Federal Contracting Officer, and Master Gardener and Landscape Designer. Outside of the office, she adores her family, beach and mountain camping, gardening for herself and clients locally.

Fun Facts

What is your secret talent?

Puzzle solver

What cheers you up?

Watching my garden grow anytime of the year.

What is your dream vacation?

Tahiti or Bora Bora – Oui!

What movie have you watched more than 10 times?

Joe Versus the Volcano – Romantic comedy that is all about surmounting obstacles.