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Director of Sales

Wendy joined the NTP Events team as a Director of Sales in August 2019. She is responsible for growing exhibit space and sponsorships for multiple NTP clients. Wendy is an industry veteran beginning her trade show tenure with the FOSE event, which was created by the CEO of NTP, Bob Harar.  Talk about coming full circle!  Wendy has a strong background in sales, market research, management, sponsorship sales, lead generation and direct marketing.

Wendy loves to go boating with her family, traveling, and binge watching Netflix on rainy days.  She’s also a strong advocate for the Chesapeake Bay.

Fun Facts

How many countries you have traveled to?

I’ve been to nine different countries, and I believe it offers the best education about the world, and the most wonderful experiences you can have.

What is your secret talent?

I’m really good at putting things together using manufacturer’s instructions.  Sounds crazy, but my husband can never figure these things out.

What cheers you up?

Family and friends, and my cat Mia.

If you could have one superpower what would it be?

To grant myself three wishes, and then the last wish to grant myself more.