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Director of Events

Christine Frye joined NTP Events team in January 2016. In her capacity as Director of Events, she is responsible for the overall success of serveral client events and NTP Events’ internal project teams.

Christine brings a wealth of experience in representing international and domestic destinations. During her tenure with the Philadelphia Convention and Visitors Bureau, she provided local resources and support for incoming conventions and trade shows. She understands the comprehensive impact that conventions and trade shows have on advancing their industries as well as the host destinations.

Christine also represented the leisure tourism markets for the German National Tourism Office as well as Washington, DC’s tourism bureau, Destination DC. Christine’s passion for the hospitality industry is rooted in her B.S. in Tourism and Hospitality Management from Temple University in Philadelphia. Since university, she has been active in the Professional Convention Management Association and other industry associations.

Fun Facts

How many countries you have traveled to?

I’ve traveled to about 11 countries. Most of my travels were through Europe during my year as an exchange student. My bucket list for future adventures keeps growing by the day!

What other languages do you speak, besides English?

Deutsch (German)- My family hosted German exchange students growing up. When I was finally eligible, I participated in two exchanges including one year long stay between high school and university. My passion for Germany culminated at my previous position in sales with the German National Tourist Office in Los Angeles.

What nicknames do you have/have had?

My family calls me Beanie or Beaner.

What movie have you watched more than 10 times?

My Big Fat Greek Wedding- I come from a large family and the movie makes me laugh.